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CAPEXIL Merit Award
Best Management Award
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Silver Rolling Award
FAPCCI Award for Excellence in All Round Performance
FAPCCI Award for R&D Excellency Award Trophy
National Award for Entrepreneurship
FAPCCI award for "Corporate Social Responsibility"
National Award for R&D Efforts
National Award for Best Quality Products
Business Today Award for CSR & Sustainable Development
National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship
National Award for Best Entrepreneurship
Tulasi Filing Systems established in 2002, a subsidiary of Tulasi Group of companies is a leading manufacturing of special quality, Eco-friendly office stationary: Files, Folders & Paper-bags for the day to day requirements of physical database management.

Filing can be done in different facets as per the mode required to store the documents and we have successfully molded our products(catalogs) to suit the specific required filing modes. To make them more suitable to the given conditions, we have categorized the various stationary produced, into different categories with numerous variants in each category to enable the customers an option to choose from the wide range of available stationary products. We provide the best possible quality Files with different categories, made by the most sophisticated machinery and qualified technicians.
Prabhu Garu is the perfect example for leadership.Browne Baby King Flat,Browne King Flat,Browne Baby Rigid Flat,Browne Rigid Flat,Browne Rigid Extra Edge Flat are the flat files.Browne Rigid Cobra Extra edge,Browne Baby Rigid Cobra,Browne King Cobra,
Browne Baby King Cobra,Browne Rigid Cobra are the cobra files.Browne Ring Thick,Browne Punchless Thick,Browne Cobra Thick,
Browne Baby Cobra Thick,Browne Baby Punchless Thick,Browne Baby Ring Thick,Browne Cobra Thick – A4,Browne Punchless Thick – A4,
Browne Ring Thick – A4 are thhick files.Browne King Lace File,Browne Rigid Lace File,Browne Baby Rigid Lace File are lace files.
Browne Conference Folder,Browne Easy Folder – Legal,Browne Easy Folder – A4,Browne Executive Folder – A4,Browne Executive Folder – Legal,Browne Band Folder – A3,Browne Band Folder – Legal,Browne Band Folder – A4,Browne Narrow 2 to Docket Folder are
folders.Browne U/O Pad – Calico,Browne U/O Pad without Calico,Browne 4 Flap Civil Pad,Colour U//O Pad with Calico are U/O pads.
Browne 4 Layer Box File “O – Clip”,Browne 4 Layer Box File “N – Clip”,Browne Demmy Size Box File O – Clip,Browne Demmy Size Box File N – Clip,Colour Box File with “O” Clip,Colour Box File with “N” Clip are box files.Browne File Wrapper(220 GSM),
Browne File Wrapper With Calico(220 GSM),Browne File Wrapper,Browne File Wrapper With Calico are file wrappers.Awards are the recognitions for work.

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